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Damn leaks

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haha my willie keeps leaking.


I will check those rubber block thingys if i can work out which ones they are, don't suppose you have a pic?


I did atempt repairing the leak but not fully assembling the targa as i wanted to retrim it, e.g. not putting the end caps back on and the fabric thingy doo dar but i don't think that is the cause that being missing not unless the end caps are actually functional.

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I siliconed it up and i still have a leak.


i gave it at harsh spray with a pressure hose to see where it is and it appears i have 2 leaks i think it's coming in on the join where targa rubber sits with the rubber which wraps around the targa and down the pillar on the corner.


Really starting to get annoying as it's soaked.

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