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Gearbox noises

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Hi i just bought my 300zx turbo, always wanted one and now i have it...


but im getting lots of diferent gearbox noises, first as i pull of in low revs and low gear i hear like a heavy vibration then it filters out quite quickly, secondly if speeding off in a low gear then coming off the gas i get lots of whining noise, thirdly i think my clutch release bearing is screwed as it makes noise when releasing the clutch.


Im also finding it very hard to get it into 1st and second gear when the car is cold but as it warms up it becomes easy again.


The previous owner said he just changed the clutch ???



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Guest andyduff

For the gearbox noises, check the rubber gearstick gaitor is secure under the trim panel, they can come loose and allow noises into the cabin.


For selecting problems when cold it sounds like the clutch system needs bleeding :)





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Guest andyduff

If its pre 92 then there are 2 bleed points - one on the slave cylinder and one behind the drivers headlight. Post 92 then it has 3, the 2 above plus one on the clutch master cylinder :)


The rubber gaitor may well be there but check to make sure it is secured down to the body...

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Thanks for the help andy, much appriceated, i drove my car this morning home from my partners and the clutch has gone very stiff and makes like a wistle noise when pressed down, mind you there is no slipping of any sort, can i bleed the clutch with just the bleed point near the headlight?

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