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Well hacked off lol. Little old dears car hardly has a scratch on it either.


Looks like a new wing & bumper and a bit of spraying. If ever there was an excuse to have a 99 spec bumper :) How much you guys reckon this will cost meh?



2nd hand wing - great if you can get a blue one about £20- £50 and you will get that bumper back very close to original shape when you change the wing = Cheap repair

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Well making progress, £374 to fix the other car - not going through insurance so I keep my no claims. I went down to her house and we had a good look and went to a bodyshop around the corner to get a quote etc. Bumper was un repairable and it had cracked the light cluster. Could have done it myself but you just can't do/suggest that lol.


Bumper on mine springs back to shape when unbolted from the wing so i'm gonna leave that till after xmas, and decide weather to go 99 spec or keep and get it sprayed/modded. Got a friends sprayer to sort me out when I get a new wing. pheww... :)

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