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have i missed anything out

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hi all


i am in the process of stockpiling all my bits for my upgrade project and just want to check i have not left anything out


so far from Dan at DTA new tubs GT275R , new 555 or 740 cc injectors , cometic 1.2mm gaskets, mike smith cast manifolds, Wiesco 87.5mm pistons, Eagle rods.

full gasket kit and DTA chip to suit,


also to go on, Profec B boost controller , Border front mount intercooler ,

full silicone hose kit , and vacum pipe kit, :hyper:


have i forgotten anything ?????? what can i do while the block is out at Andy Duffs ?? :slap: :confused:


cheers people



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Hi Steve, hope all is well. A couple of things that I looked at while doing mine were


Is your clutch upto the job

Replacing the wiring loom while the engine is out

Would new cams help to achieve a little more out of your setup.


A few other things I upgraded or looked into


Engine mounts, was advised to use new stock mounts with stillen engine dampner

I went a little overboard and put new nismo crank, bearings, lifters etc etc.


Ive got a list in my rides section might help.



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Hi Barry


things are ok now i am at work . bloody cold though been minus 20 c most of the week

thought about the cams but happy with the drivability of stock ,i take on board what you said about the wiring loom , where did you get yours from and how much was it buddy ,


been polishing the plenum i got from you its very very shiny now .......cant wait to see what it all looks like when its together

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