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Ok here goes...


I owned a registration a few years back, i took this off the car when i sold it and put this on retention, since this i haven't maintained yearly payments for retention - i cant find any documents now also as i haven't paid the retainer do you think i have lost the registration?


anyone done this before? do u think the plate is lost or is there a chance of getting it back? Basically i sent a cheque one time (2003 i think) and because the registration wasn't in my name they wouldn't bank the chq! At this point i was a student and the 25quid was spent quite quick lol...


anyways now i am wondering whether best buying a new reg or trying to get old one back - last time i paid was 2002!! and not received any paperwork or reminders! (well the car it was registered to was my mums) she hasn't received anything either.


I'm thinking of writing a letter, but I was wondering if anyone knows what the probable outcome will be...? Thanks for reading!

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sodding country, you buy something that means it should be yours imho!! having to pay every year is a farce, all your doing is renting it!!


Yep! The rules are all wrong on private number plates. You basically rent the bit of paper for a year unless you put it on a vehicle. :rant: :rant:

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DVLA are so sh1t though it might be that they've just forgotten to bill you....I'd call and ask them and say that you thought that your mum was paying the yearly bill as your designated 'power of attourney' whilst you were working abroad....worst case is you have to stump up for 5 years back payments....

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