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Oh My God....

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I've waited ages to buy my first zed....now i've hd it 3 weeks and the head gaskets ha gone....- gutted !!!


Now short of bodging it and stiching some-one else up; what are my options?

i believe the gasket set fitted is @ £1900 and the motor only cost 2 grand.

an insuranc job is always an option.?

replacemnt engine (from where) is supposed to be an idea.


I'm seriously down now - need to get something orted soon.

Anyone got any ideas what i can do ( apart from slash my wrists!)


Speak soon

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Budget around £1200 for a Engine out head gasket job with Pressure testing heads..etc


Decent Replacement engines can be hand for between £500 and £800. Labour is typically around £600 to remove and refit.



The trouble is that if you removing engine then its worth getting the turbos inspected and reconditioned at same time, and quite often there are other items you would want to replace - Water pipes, EFI loom, Knock sensor, other gaskets

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before I got my Z I came on here did a lot of searching then saw a z on ebay

with the old gearbox blown so got it cheap then got another in good working order [did a deal with me s13] and now when things go wrong just go and pinch bits off the donor car its got a good engine ect hope things work out for you bacardi

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....nah.... should just have bought mine.


Seriouly though, I'd me more inclined to go for the full engine option. At least you'll have a load of spares from you own that you could use.


For some reason I haven't been in a car that has a head gasket go and it was ever right again...if you know what I mean.... always something going wrong with them after that.


If you can hear the engine running before fitting it might be nice.


Good luck with it! I know you must feel god-awful but it could happen to ANY car at ANY time....just unlucky it happened to you :(

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i new i sound have bought a supra :slap: :nelson:


ont another dyslexic? What wish you, mr and Deve8uk we'll all eb speaking jiberish.


Normally I would reread my posts and correct what I cna. like I''ve done with this bit otherwise the spelling Police will be after us.


Sorry to hear your heads gone bacardi1_67, but who checked it out before you bought it? Also did you know you have a right to a full refund if the car breakes down in the first 3 months or first 5000 miles under the consumers act 1997. Unless you have a receipt to say you bought the car as spares or repair.


More to the point though. I would never buy a 300zx for less than £4K and expect it not to have problems. Though I bought one for £1500 for spares 4 months ago and it is a brilliant car. I expect I'll get double that if I ever sell.

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End of the day, its gutting but for a car of this type, being so cheap, i would see it is that youve got like £2k plus to spend on repairs. Thats the theory ive always taken... Oh and the old golden rule, keep £1500 for them in a pot at all time and they will be generally good as gold. If you spend that money, they will break...


Amazing that in 1989, the japense perfected the art of "mobile networked banking..." ;)


Worth getting it fixed up mate, once its done its done and it will help its resale value, or just sell it as a project, if its a good shell someone will buy it to rebuild and buy one in good order.

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i new i sound have bought a supra :slap: :nelson:


PMSL. A supra??? They are worst by far. What you should have done mate is buy a decent 300ZX for a decent price. Let me explain.......You get what you pay for in this old world of ours. I am very sorry to hear that your car is broke (I mean that) but TBH if you buy a car of this calibre for peanuts then you can only expect trouble.


I hope you can get it sorted.

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I bought mine for £800, off a guy who was knee deep in debt and had people waiting for the cash when i got there!!! Never had a major fault (apart from shagged gearbox which I knew about) with it and it comes with full Jap service history and UK! Peach of a motor!

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Mark x - does that apply to sold as seen and accpted ?

know it was cheap and expected a little trouble. I even asked the guy who sold it what else may i need to do ? didnt mind a long as i knew.

Unless markx is right i guess i'll just have to face the fact i got stiffed !

Even worse is the fact i was going to buy a beautifull black one for 3K but couldn't make it to his house.

I'll check that markx

cheers guys - I'm off to buy an Astra......



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