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F***ing BMW drivers

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Ok we know that beemer drivers can be a twats at times but today I got another example of bmw idiocy, so im driving towards penzance on the a30 country road section doing 40 as its wet, when a beemer ( 330ci ) pulls right across me from the left from a junction forcing me to brake hard as he pulls in front of me, then he decides to pick up his speed very slowly and then races off into the sunset to piss me off, wonderfully I meet up with him again at the next roundabout which leads onto a dual carriageway, he does his slow as feck routine again all the way round the roundabout and on the exit nails it, I know I shouldnt of but I quickly high boost and decided to teach him a lesson ( being carefull as its wet) so kept up with him as he nailed it floored it as soon as I could and left him for dead, this is where i did my twat thing, I decided to give him a taste of his own medicine and slowed right down but he decided to give up on it and wouldnt catch me up....childish i know, for every normal beemer driver there seems to be 2 arses

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