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Clutch & Flywheel question

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Hi All, Im gonna be doing my manual coversion myself over the next couple of weeks :smw:, using my manual donor car, I have looked all over the forum & the net and found various different guides and lists of parts needed etc, but can anbody help with the following please,


1. A full/comprehensive list of parts required for the conversion.

2. Can i use the flywheel from the donor car?

3. What power limits does a genuine/oem clutch have?

4. Should i upgrade the clutch? if so what clutch would be recommended?

5. do i have to buy a new Pilot Bushing? or can old one be used?

6. How much work is involved in replacing the Rear Main Seal when the box is out?

7. Is it easier to install the stock hydraulic lines or use stainless braided ones?

8. Can the old flywheel bolts/washers etc be reused?


Sorry about all the questions, i am very handy mechanically i just want to make sure iv'e got everything coverd, i don't want any suprises when im stuck under the car in a cold garage on a wind night lol..... :D

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1. sorry can't help never done it

2. yes but if staying with stock unit would suggest a light skim

3. If doing any mods more than induction/exhaust and boost upgrade then buy aftermarket as she'll soon wear out.

4.RPS Sport street for all mods upto big tubs and injectors

5.A new bushing comes with RPS

6. Very little, though never done it meself, i'd only just finished me fag when the mechanic said it was done once box and clutch was out :D

7. stainless ones have gotta be easier, lot less fidling

8. hmm well yes they can and new nissan ones ain't that cheap, however personally motor factor replacements would be teh way i'd go.

hth ;)


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1/ Do a search, it was covered recently

2/ Yes

3/ Power limit for sock clutch is approx 350bhp

4/ Depends who you speak to, I got an XTD stage 2 from the States, very reasonable

5/ If you mean spigot bush, you will need to put a manual one in, brass, comes with any good clutch kit.

6/ Knock old seal out, fit new one, easy as that.

7/ Stainless braided is easier to fit.

8/ Yes, as long as you remember, auto flywheel bolts are shorter than manual flywheel bolts, dont mix them up.

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Thanks loads for the above advice guys, i think i may have to opt for an uprated clutch here you know, so im gonna have a gander online at a few to get an idea on price, and Will i have to get the stainless braided hoses custom made or are they off the shelf? cheers Jay

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That was the clutch and flywheel I bought, as discussed jay. Shunter, you find that clutch good? As mine slipped when first put in then really stunk, now it dont slip and just smell very occasionally..But it took about 500 miles for it to be ok now :confused: doesnt feel like a new clutch tho

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