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Shell and the club point thingys...

Guest 300zx_girl

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Guest 300zx_girl

Have any of you ever got anything out of them? I thought it was another one of their scam things but...


I received in the post a couple of weeks ago my vouchers for the points I've accumulated over the last few months ... :hyper: Couple of free fuel vouchers and double point voucher things (the usual)




They seems to have picked up on all I ever buy is vpower so in todays post I got a letter and a new card...


'Congratulations, we've moved you up to the Shell V-Power Club'


Bring on V-Power Club gifts..... Ferrari gear! :hyper:


Who else is in the elite :D :D

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not in the elite as only get diesel but get B and Q- comet vouchers every 3 months.

just remember only 125 litres count on any purchase not that the zed takes that lol.


I average 20,000+ points every 3month easy to do once you get your threshold litres then the points double.


oh yeah forgot to say drive an artic for a living so that helps a DAF 410 if anyone wants to know

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Yup - I'm also in the V-power club too :D


I had a right problem with the dozy b@stards when they switched from the "old" points to "new" points system though. I had to register before early July and specify my chosen rewards (I wanted Debenhams vouchers) as late registration meant automatically receiving free fuel vouchers (no good to me - my company gives me an Allstar card).


I did as they said yet they still had me registered for fuel vouchers. Plus they lost loads of my points. It took me days of letters/emails/phone calls to get it sorted :nono:


Otherwise it's handy :D


Richard ;)

I have something to say............ It's better to burn out than to fade away..... :tt2:

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