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MOT fail and prop shaft

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Weeelll... the car failed the MOT, which isn't great, but I'm not entirely surprised because the front suspension is squeaking a lot. Turns out the bushes on the n/s front tie-rod are on the way out, so getting that replaced. No biggy.


Only other problem is the rear fog light, which is kind of annoying. Apparently it's an LED bulb (too directed), isn't bright enough etc, so they have to try to get a bulb that will work better. It's a J-spec so of course the fog-light was added when it was brought into the UK.


The other thing that appears to need sorting is the prop-shaft (although perversely, I don't think that's an MOT fail). Not sure whether it's just the bearing, or whether the whole thing needs to be replaced. So the question is, do you need to buy the whole kit and kaboodle, or can you get the bits separately? Is it worth just doing the whole thing anyway? And of course, where's the best place to get one from?




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