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NZR - PC help - lost my emails

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Hi guys and gals,


I've just had some major PC problems, and the result is I've had to have a new hard drive but have managed to retain the old hard drive (with all the data) as a slave drive.

I have been told I've got to reinstall all my software (a right PITA) but is there any way I can retrieve all my old, filed email messages? If so, where would I find them? I am using Outlook Express 6.


Any help would be appreciated :D.

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Depending upon the config of your news client, you may have left a copy of them at your ISP. If not, and you old drive is dead/reformatted or otherwise unavailable, then they are gone forever.


However, if the drive is truly intact then you ought to be able to import them, some Micro$haft expert ought to be able to tell you how exactly ...

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from what I recall they are *.dbx files - do a file search in explorer on your hard drive and I *think* you can just copy them into the same folder - if not theres an import function - just import and point it to where you found the dbx files.

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Guest AngusGlover

yep, pretty sure they are .db? files. You are far better using Outlook 2003 then you can save the files in a .PST file, back it up automatically and a whole host of other benefits that Outlook Express cannot do...

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Do a search for *.DBX and identify the folder on your slave drive which contains the most recent files (there may be more than one folder). Then from Outlook Express, choose File, Import, Messages, Microsoft Outlook Express 6, Import Mail from an OE Store Directory, then select the folder identified above.


You will need to set the account details up manually as these are stored in the registry.




Steve :)

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