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V8 Progress

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Some photos of the end result of yesterdays work (apologies again for the poor quality camera phone pics!).

Had John, myself, his brother Mike and his mate Rich all working on it (thanks again guys!), with a visit from Danny and Eric Lymon to pick up Johns old engine...literally! Nearly had a hernia just watching John, Mike and Rich manhandle it into the van, steadfastedly refusing to use the hoist despite much grunting, swearing and banging of extremities! :D ;))


Between the four of us working on our own sections we got things together very quickly. Only bugger was we found we were missing the bolts from the exhaust cam sprockets so we had to fall back to a temporary fit rather than a finished job as originally planned but even so, she's looking mighty fine if I do say so myself!









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Ta! :D

TBH, I only sprayed up the rocker covers quickly (muchos orange peel and reactions!) as I'd more or less decided to get them in an acid bath to strip off the original powder coating before getting them chromed but seeing them on, the black looks pretty damn good! Might have to do them again properly when I do John's...decisions, decisions...:)

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I reckon it looks great with the covers black TBH.

:bow: Spot on john :bow: Leigh they look the Dogs danglies Black mate :cool:

Good job by the way bud :D hats off to you :duffer:

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Ohhhhhhhh!! Looking good!! Looking very good!!! I'm deffo gonna have to get my ass over to the Brum and see how its all going together soon!!


Hope your feeling well Leigh



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TBH they're not going to be completely on view once the Busa bodies and intake system is on (which will look pretty damn good itself) and looking at it I reckon chroming it may be overkill. Think I'm going to have to strip them back and make a proper job of it! Rich and Sarge, you're always welcome over guys (shame you ain't a bit closer Greg! :D)! Might have to have a "firing up" party when she's eventually together...won't be any time soon though, got a helluva lot of work left to do!

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