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Blitz Induction Cone?? Soak in oil??

Guest Z Man

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Does anyone know if you need to soak K&N or blitz air cones in any special solvent or oil befor they need to be fitted - the BLitz style kit i boght came with no instructions (bloody Ebay).


Its only my dad said he had to soak his K&N cone for his motor-bike




Z Man

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the K&N ( and other) sponge style filters have to be sprayed lightly (not soaked) in oil ( halfords do a reasonable air filter oil, also a cleaning solvent)after cleaning, these are the ones your old man prob fitted to his bike. They were sprayed with oil because the foam that the filters were made of allowed the smaller grit particles through, the oil traps them.


The "paper" ones dont need to be sprayed with oil, to clean them I blow them through with an air hose (making sure you do it it against the intake flow) or if really bad I wash them (again making sure you are washing out, not in), its important also that you dry them thoroughly before re-fitting. HTH

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Guest Scottywil

Ive got a K&N service kit for my er...... K&N lol.


As Jock says, it consists of a cleaning solvent, air filter oil and instructions. ;) Handy stuff!

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Guest Chris@GetGReddy
You said it was a blitz "Style" and being ebay, I assume it is not a true blitz ? paste the ebay link so we can see.



If its one of them copies then throw it in the bin as fast as your arms physically can :eek:

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this should be the link to the same filter that i bought...


i fitted it yesterday and re-set the ECU and took it for a nice long spin today and it seems ok... feels a bit tighter on acceleration and engine tickes over smooth and quiet - it might be the new grounding kit i put in though


Z Man

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