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Trying to remove my gear-shifter

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Hi guys,



I'm trying to remove my gear-shifter to replace the bushings, and it was all going just grand until I got to the final bolt on the linkage at the bottom of the shifter. The problem is the thing won't bugde. I've spent probably half and hour trying to get it to move, with varying levels of force, but obviously don't want to overdo it... I also decided that walking away from the job until tomorrow morning might be wise when I started having vivid fantasies about beating the guy who designed it unconscious with an oven door.


Question is, am I alright to use something like WD40 on it to loosen the bolt? I realise it gets pretty hot down there so don't really want the residue igniting or something. Also, and this is a really naive question, but I ask because every now and again something very unexpected like this does come up: I assume the bolt loosens in the anti-clockwise direction?


Think the guy in Wilco is sick of the sight of me as well because I keep going in there to buy spanners and sockets.





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do you mean the bolt that passes through the shifter bushes themselfs then you will need a 10mm spanner on one end and a 10mm on the other end! use a 1/4" drive ratchet as there small and fit in awkward places better they might even be 12mm bolts cant remember,ehh if you round the bolt off,then you can always drop the gearbox much easier from underneath :rofl:

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