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Tyre Choice

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Just bout to get some new rear tyres, Been offered 255/40/17s at KUMHO-£75 AVON-£90 CONTINENTAL-£93 GOODYEAR-£100 DUNLOP-£100 UNIROYAL-£118 PIRELLI-£118


What would people recommend? Obviously the more you pay the better but I have some Bridgestone potenzas that cost me crap loads on at mo and not right impressed with em.



Just with the winter weather coming up etc. . . .

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Guest Neil Morris

Got Continentals on my Nissan wheels, good but not great in the wet & F1's on my new wheels Look good & soft don't think the milage will be great & £160 each they an't cheep so I hope they will be good.

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I've been using Pirelli P zeros on mine, they were pricey but perform very well. I was considering trying something else next but the P-zeros seem to work very well in the wet compared to the potenzas I had.

I was thinking about the potenzas as I had some of the older ones and they were very good. I used them on the castle combe trackday and I was well impressed. I've heard the newer ones arn't so good? I guess for the winter I'll stick with the P-zeros but might try something else after the winter when it drys up.


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I asked a similar question a couple of weeks back. You might find some of the replies here quite useful:




Ended up deciding on F1s in the end. Depending on your wheels you might want to check out http://www.mytyres.co.uk for prices. I'm no authority but they seem fairly competitive.


Cheers bud,


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