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another annoying noise!

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Hi all


I only had my Z a few weeks now and i have just started noticed a gurgle/glugging of fluid coming from around the drivers side wheel. I drained a small amount of water and drilled a hole in the AIV pipe thinking it would solve the problem. The noise is still their at idle but may not be as loud, i am not sure.


It sounds like liquid moving could it be coolant or oil? it only seems to occur once the engine has warmed up.


Any ideas??

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Guest andyduff

AIVs - you don't drill the hose, you drill the bottom of the air filter box inside the wheel arch ;) You really need to take the whole thing apart to clean it properly ;)







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Ok i will give drilling the box a try, i was just doing what Twinturbo.net suggested. The noise is just getting under my skin at the moment.


I am think of getting an new exhaust with de-cats soon will this solve the problem??



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