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Induction kits

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im thinking of buying a induction kit but im clueless about which one to go for iv narrowed it down to 2 either the blitz or the stillen high flow intake

has anyone else got these and what experiences have you had with them or are there any other i should consider

iv been told the stillen has a high recorded bhp increase on them and where is the best place to buy them from

im situated in london

i also dont mind mail ordering internationally aslong as i get a good deal





(stop the bitching)

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Most people on here have Blitz or Apexi. I have the Apexi and I thought the power increae wasn noticable.


I havent heard that stillen is the best for power increases, but all induction manufacturers say that theirs is the best.



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Guest ArundaleP

I have a Blitz SUS on mine, sounds realy nice. Induction kits will not give you more power unless the existing setup is causing a restriction in airflow. If you have decat big bore exhaust and maybe bigger turbo housings then it WILL make a difference from the stock setup.

Dual filter setups are a tad overkill unless you are up to 450 bhp at the wheels and can be hard to meter accurately.


Paul (SparkZ)

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Guest Nelson MainFella

quality of filtering and power increases are to some extent mutually exclusive (ie. filtering crap out means finer filter = more restriction on air). guess a compromise is in order.:D

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