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Bleeding the Clutch

Guest jacketspud

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Guest jacketspud

Hope someone can help me... my (non-turbo) 300zx is currently in a garage trying to get its clutch bled, however, the mechanics seem to be failing miserably.


They have replaced the master-clutch cylinder and are attempting to the bleed the clutch using an "Easy Bleed, Pressure Bleeder"


So far they have failed. I am not a techy on engines/clutches etc so could any response be in laymans terms please :D





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...might be miles off, but I recall the same difficulties with an abs kitted Saab 9000 and the answer was to hold down the clutch pedal during the process. Can't remember why it worked.


good luck



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Guest andyduff

Bleeding the clutch on these cars is a nightmare! Easy bleed - pah chuck it straight in the bin! The best way to do it is as follows:-


1) Get someone to sit in the car

2) Someone else gets under the car, loosens the bleed nipple on the slave cylinder, puts their thumb over the end, while the other person pushes the clutch pedal to the floor. The fluid should squirt out under pressure between the thumb and the bleed nipple.

3) Tighten up the nipple, and release the clutch pedal slowly

4) Check the reservoir is still full on the master cylinder

5) Repeat steps 2-4 until you get most of the air out.

6) Repeat steps 2-4 BUT on the extra bleed nipple on the drivers wing just behind the headlight.


You will need to bleed from each one a few times but you should then get your pedal back ;)







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Had this problem with Paul Gs car where the clutch would not bleed off...turned out to be the adjusting bar inside the car between the clutch pedal and master cylinder ( upside down job to adjust it ) was not adjusted far enough out to push the air/fluid out. ( this also moves the biting point of clutch )

If it hadn't been for Latz ( top man ) we would have still been there..............

Worth a try as you have nothing to loose.....



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Yeah - have had to tell mechanics before about this one.

Most of them dont know about having to bleed it in 2


Where Andy says - lift the bonnet - and there it is right in font of you - drivers side or offside wing.(It`s in the manual)

Dead easy when you know where it is.



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Guest jacketspud

lol, yea they found the 3rd nipple after 7 hours of bleeding and ripping the car apart. rofl


cheers guys :D

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