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Interesting auction on Ebay

Guest XTT

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Guest Dave Marley
Originally posted by james300

You been drinking Dave? It is..........it isn't...........make up your mind LOL :D

Yes I have! :)


It was an Ebay page, but Ebay removed it. Someone kept a copy of that page and hosted it themselves. Don't try and make it look like I'm the dumb-arse! :p



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Ok in my experiance......................................





2) You do not fight back or attempt to physically harm me in any other manner (this is your ass getting kicked, not mine).


Well that just shows this guy is no real hard case! I might bid so he comes to my house then I will splatter the stupid pratt all the way round my garden,Gee some idiots out there:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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