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If anyone fancies a cheap runaround...

Guest Eric Manktelow

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Guest Eric Manktelow

I know I shouldn't but I'm doing a favour for a mate ;)


If anyone fancies a nippy runaround to save on wear and tear on your Zed then have a look here at my site .

My mate is selling his Pug 205Gti.


Save on fuel and leave the Zed nice for weekends :D

I would buy it myself but I don't have any wonga.




Sorry for posting this in general, you can spank me later

:p ;)

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Latz at GPS wants to make stuff with his own personal logo on for his Skyline which is competeing in major competitions.


Could you make the things he is after?


Is it OK if I give him your email address as he can expalin things better than I can.



Where you work? Is it a company which makes stuff like that?


Oh, on the 2nd car front. Well worth it you save money on the small trips and you keep the miles off the Z. YOu can also get modern classic insurance from Firebond if you have a 2nd car which means you can use your NCB on the pug too. MY best quote before Firebond was £850 TPFT with mods declaired. Firebond £800 fullycomp and I am 23. It will come down a lot in a few year.



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Guest Eric Manktelow

Cool, give him my email address.

I'll see what he want's and what I can do, can't promise anything.

I work for Spandex, we sell all the materials and equipment for sign making.

Including cars graphics and stuff, but we don't actually make the signs ourselves.


eric @ nissan-twinturbo.co.uk



put some spaces in that email address for ya, keep those trawlers away and that spam :)

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