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I adjusted my throttle openings yesterday

Guest Eric Manktelow

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Guest Eric Manktelow

I adjusted my throttle yesterday so it opens fully.

I did it by bending the little bar back that hits the centre stop rather than filing down part of the stop.

Doesn't seem to have made a huge difference but the car did wheelspin when pulling away today, which is a result ;)

I also cleaned the TPS again, and this time didn't use WD40 on it (The ECU got really pissed last time I did it ;) ) The car stalled once afterwards and had no power for a couple of minutes but once it warmed up all seemed well again :D


The idle now seems better when the engine is hot, it seems to hold the same revs better and not start lurching like it used to.


I looked at cleaning the CAS and decided against it, it was too hard to get to without removing stuff from my engine and as I discovered before removal is lots easier than refitting!


All in all, not too bad for me :D


Oh and I also got the tracking done at ATS so now the steering wheel faces the direction of the wheels, which is nice.

The car just about cleared the ramps at the front as well, they weren't going to do it untill I told them not to worry too much if they scrape the front spoiler, it wouldn't be the first time or the last ;)

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Eric, the CAS is really easy to do if you remove the turbo pipe above it. if you run the car for a few minutes the rubber is softer, so all you have to do is loosen the clamps, slide it back further onto the intercooler pipe, then twist and lift it off completely.

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Guest Eric Manktelow

I did remove one of the pipes (top one) the one that goes to the throttle body and the CAS was still under the lower pipe.

I got kind of scared ;)

Heating the pipes up before removal and fitting may have helped, cos it was a sod to get back on.

I'll try next weekend :eek:

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