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Gods on our Side!!!

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Guest Dave Marley
Originally posted by b19rks

The year 0 id guess, neither bc or ad

There is no year 0. It went from 1BC to 1AD.
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Hallo Son,


where've ya been? I was expecting you home after Easter but you never showed.


Time for the fatted calf thing - I'll get your mother onto it as soon as she's back from that carpenter's. Why she spends so much time round there, I'll never know.


Just give me a sec to burn this bush and then you can introduce me to these sinners and publicans you've been spending so much time with.


:D the Father, You & the Spook


(and before Neo and his black-leather-clad bunch stick their heads over the parapet, just remember that there is only

ONE Trinity.... )

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