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Another question!

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Can you over tighten/tension the aux belts?? Ive tesioned them all so you can give em half a twist, but im sure theyre making more noise than before, not a worrying noise just sounds very windy under there, or will the quieten down in a bit or am i being paranoid again?

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Theyve all got a good 90deg of turn in them, so i reckon its just paranoia, that plus driving with the roof off makes it sound louder and ive spent the last fortnight pottering about in a rover!!


Jeff on the subject of belts, how much can you get me a set for (not the cambelt, im not brave enough for that!!) just the other 3, im sure you can source them at a better price than nissan, and my work dont do em i dont think.



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Guest Jeff TT

Hi again B19rks,


Mmm odd your co. don`t do them have seen allsorts of makes fitted, most lilkely they do but do not have them as a direct listing,


Anyhow I only fit genuine Nissan parts you know me a bit of a stickler for OS equipment, yes I know Nissan outsources these parts anyhow like other manufacturers but the point is that Nissan give recomended service interval for these and other parts, and that is based on using the OS ones.


Anyhow can supply Nissan one`s at a discounted cost, in fact will be posting in my section a link to a new page on the Zedworld web site about a whole range of service and uprated parts that will be available from next month both at the workshop and mail order, hang on a day or so as there is some good discounts available to the first orders taken.


Jeff @ Zedworld

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