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Narrow escape

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Had to take my brother to the airport today, and i thought as its nice shall i take the zed?? But on the other hand if i take my dads Rover coupe its free fuel...... so decided to take the Rover.


About 3 miles down the road im about to enter the roundabout on the A5 and...BANG, renault cleo straight up the boot, we must have shot about 10 to 15 feet onto the roundabout, i thought the rovers back end would be trashed. Got out to haver a look, a few scratches on the bumper and thats it! Dont think his cleo was too bad either, considering the slight damage to the bumper i told the lad, as its not my car, id take his details and if my dad is mad about it he'll be in touch, cant say fairer than that can you?


Hope I dont wake up in the morning with a bad neck!! ;)


I'm just glad it wasnt the zed, with the rover being manual i was foot on the clutch, no handbrake so when he hit us we got pushed forward, lessening any damage. If id of been in the auto zed id of been sat at that roundabout with the brake on, plus the zed bumpers not half as bendy as the rover one.


Counting my blessings, tommorow ill have to try and polish the sctatches out of the rover i spose!

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Take it to a garage and have it checked out.


The bumper may have flexed and hit the chassis causing damage. From the out side it may look ok, but under the bumper there could be loads of damage, and if you only notice it a few months after you wont be able to claim.



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Originally posted by b19rks

Hope I dont wake up in the morning with a bad neck!! ;)


Quite right mate - when a mate of mine got rear-ended, she had to go to the Dr for suspected whiplash. Luckily she had that legal insurance in her car insurance (if you see what I mean) and so ended up with about £8k.....

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You and your Bruv should both get to your GP's regardless this week, you never know how these things will pan out and it could be this weekend before either of you feel anything.


Also, don't repair the motor yourself regardless whether its comp or TP cover on it, take photos aswell not only exterior but also interior, if you can, your digital camera will also record the date I assume. Please do not take anything for granted.


I'm sure you and your Bruv are both tough but you should both consider making a claim, its nothing personal against the other driver, these things just happen.


I run PI claims for a living at a firm of Solicitors in Birmingham if you want to pursue a claim or even just get some advice feel free to give me a call and leave me your number and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.




07980 551316

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Originally posted by Adi C

I'm sure you and your Bruv are both tough but you should both consider making a claim, its nothing personal against the other driver, these things just happen.


Have a nice day now.............


Doughnut anyone? :(

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don't make a claim! (unless you're actually injured that is)


one of the reasons our insurance premiums are through the roof is that so many grabbing bstards are claiming compensation for anything they can - the money has to come from somewhere.


i know there is the argument that lots of people do it so one more claim wont hurt but that doesn't make it right!


the advice above from adi c is probably very good advice (i.e. taking photos etc) but only if you have a genuine claim. slightly unrelated but, there was a case recently in manchester where the accident group (who have just gone bust coincidentally) filed something like 100 claims for compensation after a bus crash where there were only 12 passengers(numbers are probably wrong here but the story is true). they were phoning people up to get them to say they were on the bus so they could get a few hundred quid out of the bus company.


i've been stopped in the street recently by someone working for a claims company and asked if i had any recent injuries that i want to claim compensation.


my grandparents live about 3 miles away from a new stretch of motorway that has just been finished and they get at least one call a week at the moment asking if they want to sue for noise pollution and loss of value to their house.


it really winds me up the way these companies prey on greedy people!


anyway, b19rks i hope you and your brother are ok and don't need to make a claim. sorry for going a little off-topic :D

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I do appreciate that could have sounded a little bit like ambulance chasing which wasn't my intention at all and I certainly wouldn't encourage Berks or his Bruv to claim if they are perfectly ok (as I hope they are).


I just wanted to avoid a situation some weeks down the line where one of them may struggle to get someone to help them with the claim because they had not done the necessary groundwork just in case.


Hope that helps to clear things up a little.



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Guest x-biker

Sod it. Claim anyway, and you can have the one that I didn't get to claim for!:mad:


I was knocked off my motorbike by being sideswiped by a van changing lanes. I broke my back and my wrist, shattered left femur, punctured kidney, unconcious for 3 days. Bike was fooked (new at the time Suzuki GSX-R750WN)


Following 18 months off work, four major operations and having to learn to walk again I managed to get........FUC ALL!!!


The Police wouldn't prosecute, the witnesses said they only saw the aftermath (at 08:30 Thursday morning outside HEATHROW!!????!!) and my legal protection wouldn't take it on, and nor would Claims Direct etc.


.....so have this one on me!!!



(not that I'm bitter or twisted about this!)

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Originally posted by ste

adi, apologies if that read like an attack on you/your company - it wasn't meant like that :)


not a problem Ste mate its an emotive issue and as Zed owners we feel high insurance premiums more than most.


however there is a big difference between the claims marketing companies that go into overkill and the firms of solicitors out there who actually run cases sometimes the two parties are obviously classed as one and the same.


your comments with regard to certain cliams companies are probably relatively accurate but unfortunately i'm sure you understand I can't comment further on that.


the offer of help and advice (without prejudice) would extend to any Zed owner in these circumstances but particularly to Mr Berks whos from my home town.




for Mr x-biker you have my sympathies, the odds are stacked against you to start with and its very rarely fair.

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