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what are the common mods..

Guest Vipers

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Guest Vipers

for ur zeds?


hybrid tubbys ( or bigger tubys that may also be H?)


2x AFM's



fuel pump?


etc etc??


how much for each of the common mods and what sort of power gains do you recon in total also what impact on performance wud be?


i.e. wud say a 400bhp be doing 4.5 0-60? or less? delimited be doing 185 mph?




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Dunno if I really understand the question (it's late)...


I'd say the most common mods...


.chuck the panel filter and stick something better on

.dump the standard exhausts and fit full stainless, or failing that, decat the standard

.up the boost a bit with standard turbos, or if you can afford it refurb your turbos with 360 degree bearings, or (more money) get some hybrids. Or (more! money), go for bigger turbos

.get a decent chip that can retard your timing at higher boost rather than having to hard retard on the crank angle


That's got to be the basic power mods... then there's a bit of a spending gap. You could get around 400 bhp if you're lucky. But 500 bhp plus needs some serious commitment. SE did a fuel pressure mod to get more fuel through the standard injectors - that needed a different map to run the car properly. I'm sure they hit 420+ with that. Then there's the mapable twin secondary injector controller I spent ages working on for them... so you can run even more boost without topping out the standard injectors... lovely little box that was, now consigned to the "past projects" box because I got fed up waiting for the injectors to show up.


I've lost the plot. What was the question?

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