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before i buy questions

Guest rmrkblR

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Guest rmrkblR

Hi, I'm looking to buy my first 300ZX (in the US), but I had a few questions first. I am basically wondering what the differences are between the twin turbo and NA models.


Are the engines the same on both the TT and NA models?


How difficult would it be to upgrade the NA to a single or twin turbo? In other words is the engine bay lay out the same in the NA as in the TT so it would just be a bolt on job?


And in general, are there any benefits/disadvantages of buying the TT or the NA model?


Thank you for any help, this is really awesome.



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Guest NigelBoyd

I think all would agree, if you want the extra power of a turbo, buy one ready done by Nissan.


There's no point getting a NA car and trying to add a turbo. Nissan did a great job at this (why try to compete!) and you won't pay much more for a turbo car than you would for an NA.


NAs can be upgraded without adding a turbo, but you are capped in how far you can go.


If you need the full rush, BUY A TURBO and upgrade that!


Good luck!

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Guest Robtor

What he forgot to add is it's blimmin hard to turbo a NA z. Not just a case of bolting on a turbo, i believe you need to change some internals as a turbo'd car has lower compression etc.

The easiest way to turbo a NA is to buy a turbo Z engine for it and transplant...so u might aswell just buy a turbo Z.


Also a NA doesn't have HICAS and probably some other bits and bobs.

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