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I am looking for someone who would supply me with non standard front no plate ie 13"wide 4"deep [high] i am in Bristol so any body have an idea were to get them. Most people need proof of ownership or so there websites say so closer the better.

I spoke to a guy called jon @ japfest last week and he gave me his card but cannot get hold of him, he says this size is called SHOW PLATE!! so can any body help



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Guest TT Tim

Source a supplier in N.Ireland or Wales as they are not governed by the new regs on Number plate manufacture that came in on 1st Jan this year,





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Guest oneday

Have a look in MCN (Motorcycle news ) at the back of the paper there are loads of people making plates to what ever size and format that you want.

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It says :-


Step1 - Input your registration and design your plates.

Step2 - Select the size of plates you require, (standard or other)

Step3 - Enter your delivery details, payment details and checkout


And they are based in N. Ireland ...


Check the examples :-


Pretty much all are illegal here now.

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Guest TT Tim

What is wrong with you Dave, didn't you read my post?


Companies based solely in N.Ireland or Wales are not governed by the new regs, see Andy Pingram's post for FancyPlates.com



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Guest NigelBoyd

Depends if you want a legal plate or not and I have to say there is planty of evidence that the police are clamping down on non-legal plates and dishing out some hefty fines.


As for the size, if you go into Halfords with the proof of ownership, they will order a plate made to measure for your vehicle for just £9.99. It will be made by the sole government agency that is now able to make legal plates so there will be no question of it's legality.


I had to ask Halfords twice (the second time after I'd consulted with the DVLA and been in direct touch with the guys who make the plates for them. They will make vitually any size- so long as they can fit the letters on in one of two standard sizes.


I had smaller letters for the rear plate which is a jap spec square plate (a bit like a bike plate).


Don't forget - fitting a 'show plate' to a road going vehicle is a criminal offence and can result in a custodial sentence. It just isn't worth it!

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