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Oh sheeeet....

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Just left work for lunch, about 200 yards from my work there is a speed camera facing the opposite way to which I'm going. Its kinda set between a crossing island and I see 2 workmen with their illuminoius vests on that look like they're just about to dig it up or something. So I get the bright idea of making them jump with my dump valves. I time it just right, perfect, and at the very end of 1st gear I let off the gas and woo-hoo those HKS super seq are loud! if you can hear them over my cats out stainless exhaust that is.


..........but just as I'm level I see their faces and they are NOT happy. Oh sheeeeeeeeeeet, you've guessed it-they were old bill, doing something to the camera, along with their car tucked away down the adjacent side road. I don't think they appreciated my little prank.


I'm pretty sure there is now a sign in their nick saying "keep look out for silver 300zx, pull it over for anything".

Thing is I've got to drive past that way again in a minute to get back to work.........hope they've gone by then.


I do myself no favours.

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Guest x-biker

Bwhahahahahaha! Sorry man, that is sooo funny. I bet they shat themselves first! Don't forget to slow down for that camera now, as I've a sneaky suspicion that it might be active;)

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