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i) Smokey Exhaust, ii) Oil Leak?

Guest Sequential Twin Turbo

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Guest Sequential Twin Turbo

Smokey Exhaust



I enquired a few weeks back regarding the smoking from my exhaust and the likely problem was the breather hoses needed replacing.


A couple of things:


1) Apparently these were replaced when the engine/turbos were reconditioned/replaced just over a year ago.


2) The smoke only comes from the left 2x exhausts (facing the rear of the car). The blue smoke varies in intensity and it usually occurs more after startup or idle...


3) I was told by the company (APi) to check the state of the air filter as this is the likely problem. Apparently if they're blocked or in desperate need of replacement they can create a vacuum or something which will draw in oil to whereever (sorry, i'm not very confident with my wording of this statement, but it goes something like that).


4) Where the hell is the air filter.. lol



Oil Leak



I also posted a suspected oil leak. I have a little more info on this now:


I went away for over a week and when I came back, started the car up and took her for a quick spin. I could hear tapping noises from the engine bay, but this has since gone away (maybe the oil had settled over the week I was away?). When I came back I noticed a subtle pool of oil (I think) directly under where the engine side of the car would've been parked and 2 streams of the same stuff on the road wher I drove off for a few metres.


Any ideas???


Thanks in advance!




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Guest rottwieler

hi peter,air filters located under the panel between the headlights,4 10m nuts or two depending on the model.when i changed mine they were very oily and caused smoking similar to your car,once changed all ok. If you've standard filters Burf can get them a lot cheeper see his sticky in general forum,can't help with your other prob,best of luck mate.



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