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Got that bloody pulley off!!!!!

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Finally after days of struugling, and undoing every bolt on the damn car ive got that blinkin crankshaft pulley off, i can now set about changing the waterpump!!!! Hoooray.


After removing the pump, it seems there is very little wrong with the pump itself, just that the seal seams to have gone around the bottom of it.


But now im this far in its getting changed anyway!!! along with the stat, and hoses.


Now i understand why its not cheap to get this sort of thing done at garages.


However, I will feel a great sense of accomplishment when ive finished, and done it all myself. (well nearly myself, with the coahing from of quite a few of the other 300zx.co.uk members!!!)


Off to nissan in the morning for two little rubber hoses for a fiver each!!

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Guest mrsmizzy

Hey, Nice pic :)


Have you considered an electric water pump? More power and better fuel economy plus you can let the pump continue while the car isn't running. Could be very very good for changing coolant.


Anyone used one of these? I wanted to get one but I don't know of anyone who's used one and the change over would be a bit much for my humble mechanical skills

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Originally posted by jock

looks like a job well done. :)


We'll see, when and if i ever get it back together again!!


I'm not going to rush it though, spent about 3 hours getting all the old bits of instant gasket off the faces today.


Im also taking the oppurtunity to clean the underbonnet bits that i couldnt reach before.

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