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I only got my car back Friday night (wehay!!!)... I'm trying to run it in all carefully so I've been driving around in the middle of the night. 3am, I'm coming out of Rochford in a 30 limit and a taxi catches me up. I can tell he's getting the right hump cos I'm pulling off roundabouts slow as f*ck... he's up my ass, looking around me... then we get to a straight and he blasts past. A couple of hundreds metres up the road I see 2 flashes as he's caught by a gatso. Yeah, you really don't wanna get stuck behind me a the mo.


Then this morning I'm on my way to work and a f'kin squirrel jumps into the road chasing what looked like a bird. I smacked me anchors on and swerved to miss it. It wouldn't have fit under me SE nose, so maybe I collected it for a while (comedy style). No guts in the rear-view. Dunno where it went.

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Guest Matty

It probably hooked onto the SE nose and went for a ride, waited till you next stopped and got off...........


..........crafty them squirrels............





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Originally posted by MikeGroves

There are a shitload new speed cameras in southend,

I was in Southend yesterday and it looks as if you guys have called in some close air support to "help" with the Gatso probs...





(can't get these pics to come up automatically because (in the edit screen) IMG code is set to OFF. Don't know why? Mike?)


hehe :D - Gio

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Yeah, a quality show... but I only saw mostly low-level stuff cos we were watching from inside Papillons ;) Ug, beeer.


I was standing right in front of the one of the SAMs (were there two?) while two helicopters were doing their stuff - a firm lock on one of them for the duration! Top.

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