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Guest babemagnet

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Guest babemagnet

i'm looking for aftermarket gauges for zx

does anyone no off any on the market that fit into spare stereo din hole?

does any-one use pillar pods? do they obstruct exterior viewing?

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I have a double pod A-pillar and it doesn't obstruct any viewing at all. I thought a 3 pod might a little bit which is why I stuck with 2....I also went for the gauges on an A-pillar rather than in the din dash section as I liked the kinda 'fast & furious' look.

Although saying that, SRRAE coloured gauges look really nice in the din space!




Photo is not that good, sorry. Check MAC1's rides for a good 3 pod pic!!

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Guest Baggins

fitted all mine at the weekend in the upper din hole as SPRAE has done looks cool used a golf centre piece which fits really well with a little modification and at only £23 cheaper than the pods, will have to take pics as even the other half was impressed :D

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The centre panel that SRRAE used is a MkII Golf GTI one.


It doesnt fit exactlly into the top din but get a file or sand paper and take a little bit of the pod off and it fits. Its the closest thing you will get to fit.


If you want one I have one that I was going to use. You can have it for £15.00 delivered.


I also have an Autometer mechanical water temp gauge as well if your interested.







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Guest babemagnet

look's great

but i own golf mk11 16v and cant think what panel ure using?

can u enlighten me?

what gauges are you using?

i was looking at 52mm gauges but wont fit into din hole!

any help gratefully recieved'

cheers steve

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