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jacks and jacking

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Having gone down the route I am sure most of the people on here have, trying to fit a jack under the car, driving it on to bits of wood to raise it, or up the curb for the same effect, I went to halfords the other day and bought an inflatable jack (stop laughing) and to my surprise it worked a treat.


Its basically a cylindrical bag, which you blow up using the exhaust pipe. Goes under the car flat as a pancake and when full (book says 50sec, but I got impatient and revvved the engine) it lifts up to 3 tonnes at a height of 21 inches. 45 of your best english pounds at a halfords near you.:cool:

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Guest andrewwarren

Keep the cats away from that then!!!!


One claw and goodnight Irene.



Seriously though:


Presumably its tough stuff - sounds interesting!!!!!!!

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Originally posted by fat tony

Yeah, but you have to take your shoes off first!!:D :D ;)


Why did you have to take your shoes off? As if any one will go to a bouncy castle with football boots, running spikes or stiletoes



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Originally posted by DaveW

How do you empty it afterwards? My advice is to suck all those exhaust fumes out back through the tube :p




Can you have it on when you do your emissons tests for your MOT. It should half the amount of gas in the air ;)



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a) dont have cats (not even starting that argument again)


b) very tuff, not unlike the waterproof duffel bags you used to get for bikes, a rubberised material


c) you (slowly) unscrew the attachment to release it (it does say about ventilation)


d) Who goes under a car to see why it wont start? all the electrics are on top and you can see the starter motor from having the car on the ground:confused:


Any of you boys who wear high heels will have to buy your own bouncy castles:p

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