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Spank The Monkey

Guest Zimon

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its harder with an optical mouse, as if you move it really fast it works backwards.


I have got over 900mph I cant remember my exact speed. :D


Turn up the mouse sensitivity in your options to make it faster ;)



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Guest Zimon

Faster mouse settings does nothing for me. Outside of the screen my mouse pointer is rushing around at an amazing speed but once inside the Monky Spanking screen it slows to "normal".


After reviewing past plays and current plays 848 is the fastest I can get. This is achieved by draging the hand to the far right and whilst keeping the left button down continue to the right until you are outside of the window, then loop round, outside of the window to the far left. Now enter the window from the left and slowly encroach upon the Monky Spanking area - Thwack! 848 almost every time!


(I submit that this post confirms my position of saddest person on this forum)

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