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Supra Drivers

Guest XTT

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Guest darkman2

dont know any personally, but from all the threads


ive read theyre a bunch of a....holes...



now zed driveres , hey.. we are just plain coool.


enough said.. peace..

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Its a love hate relationship.


They're alright. Its like most things its the toss pott few that you always hear about which gives a bad name to the remaining 95%


There are a few Supera owners who come on here every now and they. And they are good people.


But Subarus are different. They are all tossers ;) Only joking



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Guest x-biker

I see 4 or 5 fully kitted Supra's on my way to work every morning (well, every morning I am on time that is:eek: ) They look OK in a bit of an 'over the top' way. They don't have the class or elegance of the Z lines though.


As far as the drivers are concerned, I don't know any personally, but I'm sure they're no different from the rest of us.


I see a nice one every day with a very cool plate (it's silver too so that helps:D ) the plate is D150 BEY spaced to read DISOBEY

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Guest BigRoy

They are all geniune chap's who do a lot of work for charity, help old ladies across the street, fight crimes against humanity and occasionaly chin people!

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Guest The Devil

300zx.co.uk Bulletin Board > Open Forums > General Chat > Supra Drivers > Gay Icons > Cottaging > Knob-Jockeys > Limp Wrists > Mincing


Yeah... all that and more!



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i used to have a mk3 supra, very nice car to drive tbh, handled well and felt very safe at high speed, was a much smoother ride and rattled less then my zed does, but it wasnt turbo, the zed is and thats the big grin factor, plus they look a lot nicer than the old wedge supra.

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Guest fat tony

I like Supras, if I could afford one I'd get one!!


But I also like my Z, ah well, just have to have both then! If only!!:rolleyes:


Roy, when are you going to show us a photo of your Supra?:cool:



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