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PCV valves - smoke gone

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New PCV valves fitted along with the hoses going into them and smoke has gone at idle as far as I can tell.


Car also feels a lot more responsive, the tail got a bit happy on the way home in a straight line like it used to :o)


Im a happy bunny


Thanks to Andy Duff for his advice ;) and to dave marley for organising the group buy.

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Guest 300z
Originally posted by Dave Marley



Maybe we should be getting some humble pie ready for Warren! :D

LMAO lets see in a few thousand miles :D great that it worked, but lets wait and see, as i said most times it would be turbos.

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Warren, I can't find the turbo on my MG, just wondering as the exhaust is smoking like a mother ;)


my smoke has never been correct colour or happened at the times when it should to indicate turbo failure, it probably won't help everyone but the simple thing has seemed to cure it this time,

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Guest andyduff

Mike, great news! Really glad it solved the problem... So thats one down how many to go? lol


One other point I forgot to mention is this could also prevent premature rear main seal failure - added bonus!!!





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Guest gunn100

Alright guys, been reading this post, and seem to have the same prob on my Z, like Mike said my Z nevers smokes at the right time, i never get blue smoke, or any kind of smoke on start-up, i never get smoke till the car warms up, and i am only smoking from the drivers side exhaust, however what worried me bout my car was that bout 3 weeks after having it de-catted this started to happen, then after a solid drive up birmingham, at a GOOD speed, this stopped, until 2 months ago when me and stuart SMW1 kicked a GT4's arse at about 145MPH, then it started to smoke a bit again, but after a run to birmingham again it stopped????? Now however its got far worse and is smoking like a chimley, but still from only one side??? im really hoping this is the PCV's, cause i certainly dont think the turbo's should have gone yet, and could do without the grand and a half to sort it, the car has only done bout 46,000 miles and has been very well looked after.


91 auto Jap import TT - Blitz SUS - Scarb front de-cat - Mongoose cat-bak system.


Any feedback from you guys would be great





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Guest gunn100

Sorry guys, forgot to bloody put in that its only at idle that she smokes, not under boost. Thats the only time...???





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Well, I got a new zorst yesterday, Didn't touch the decat pipes as they were in good condition.


However my car has now started to smoke a little at idle. Now personally I put this down to a slight leak in a few of my cylinders due to inlet valves.


But the smoke stops after a small rev to clear the crapp out !.


I missed th GB on the hose and PCV valves but will be going down this road in the near future.


Give it a shot Paul, I don't think it's your turbo's mate, it would usually show in your performance (oh-er). And your car was pulling just as good when we forced the GT4 to move over at 130mph, then shot off into the distance at 145mph+ (private test track of course officer ;) ) LOL.

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Bad news about the center section mate, I asked them to keep it in one piece. Which they did. They were moaning that it would be so much easier to remove it they cut it. But I instisted.

Anyway to cut a long story short, once it was off, it very rusty and to be honest well on it's way out, so I left it there.


I went for a 3" pipe all the way through with no silencers. Then from the back box I wanted 2 x 4" pipes either side. However while I was wasting my life trying to find something to do for 4 hours in Croydon, the fitter put 2 x 3" either side.


So say I made a fuss was an understatement, but I left there with the 3" quad tail pipes and £200 knocked off my bill so I was happy.





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