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McClaren Sacked

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thank god for that, what a total idiot he is!! the FA should never have employed a guy with no experience of managing a big team never mind one of the biggest jobs in world football!! so to a degree i blame them but as a manager he never got it right until recently when due to injury he stumbled on a decent formation and balance of the team so what happens when we have a real chance of making something happen on home soil??


He changes it again.


Fookin knob but at least i can arrange a holiday for next summer now LOL

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Also, no matter how good the manager is, he isn't the one who kicks the ball and is supposed to score (or save) the goals.


Partly Agree but that DozyTwat picked who was going to Kick the ball and in what formation.

How long does it take to realise Lampard and Gerrard cannot play together :headvswal

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can I just say, the people in charge of British Football all still have their jobs.

wasnt it them that employed him?


Totally agree Barwick and those other Tossers should be booted out and the whole thing needs rebuilding from new. With people who have a passion for football and not for massive wages and champane lifestyles. Who the Fook do they think they are. If we were winning the world cup every other year then you'd think it was money well spent, but these tossers couldn't give a rats ass at to how well the team does so long as they are doing well thank you very much.


Sack the lot and all new people be on Product related pay.


We need to impose a minimum 7 homgrown player per first 11 for all premiership teams like Italy did. Like Italy if there are any supper good foreign youngsters we say you sign for us and you don't play for your county for 4 years. Then if we need you you play for our country or we don't sign you for the premiership.


Why should that knob be paid 2 million for being shit at his job.

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While I agree that he wasn't a great choice of England manager (then again, he wasn't even second choice) it's a bit daft to say he had no experience of managing a big team. The guy was assistant manager at Man Utd for a number of years under Fergie, then moved on to his first management job at Middlesbrough where he won them their first cup and got them into Europe twice. and then was made assistant to Sven running the England team.


As a mild Boro supporter, McClaren is too vanilla. He tried to make his mark on the team waaaay too soon and this was his downfall. The England managers job is and always has been a poison chalice. Look what happened to Sir Alf Ramsey after the Mexico world cup. Look at what the press has done to ever manager. While we're winning they sing the praises (but behind the scenes look to disgrace him) and then when he loses they stick the knife in big time. Erickson, Venables, etc all suffered by the British press being more interested in their personal life than in supporting the man and the team.

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