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Experience of Range Rovers?

Guest BigRoy

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98 4.6 Autobiography model? Thinking of getting one (mates rates) as a work horse for job. Anyone any experience of owning? Not bothered about the fuel costs/servicing etc but how unreliable are they, or where they fairly sorted by then?


AND.. just for Timmy, yes it has 20's, big pimping stylee :hyper:

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I have a '98 Autobiography 4.6 in metallic racing green with big wheels and cream/green hide which I bought new.

It is now on 93,000 and has been completely reliable and trouble free the whole time.

It goes like a 3 ton sports car should.

It is my everyday workhorse and also drags around my 18 ft long racebox with racer and all the kit in as if it was not there.

It will cruise all day at 100 and at 90 with the racebox on (On the continent of course)

Life of the car it has given me 14.3 to the gallon, and still uses no oil.

The only mistake I have made was putting non standard (Goodyear)tyres on it and then it handled like a whale. You must have the Pirelli Scorpions, they are the nuts !

Autobiographies are a good bet if you can find one.

I was given this tip by a business friend who represented Connolly leather at Range Rover. He told me that cars which threw-up faults from the main production lines were taken to a seperate area for rectification or to be used as base material for the special order and limited edition ABs. In this special assembly area they were taken apart and virtually completely rebuilt by hand, so you should allways get one that has been properly screwed together.

I can only speak as I have found...there are plenty of RR horror stories... but mine has been, and still is, an absolute corker. Good luck.


Barry D.

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Cheers Barry, i'm looking at using it to trailer my bikes to track days aswell. I only get 14mpg out of the supra so i'm used to supporting the middle east!

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