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Guest scoops

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I've just fitted an apexi power fc to my truck, now i'vejust about got my head around the fuelling maps before i start twiddling, but can someone explain to me the pros and cons of advancing and retarding the ignition.

Are there any 'rules of thumb' about timing, ie the more boost youre running to you increase or etard the timing, or do you alter it according to the rpm etc etc.. any suggestions fact welcome.

I heard that one way to keep an eye on the timing was to use an EGT probe, that way if you were too far advanced then youd be getting fuel burning in the exhaust and youd spot this using an egt probe.

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the fuel map deffo needs a tinker, i'm getting quite high knock levels so i'll be fiddling all weekend.



shit, i was gonna post my fuel table up and map but i cant attach things anymore.



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sorted, i was quite suprised at how rough the map looked, also didnt think the front flat area would be so large. this is the stck map in the AP engineering car specific version of the power fc that ive got

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