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NZR - Internet explorer window size

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Internet explorer saves the settings every time you close it. So if it is maximized when you close it it will open maximazied. But if you have a few open it saves the settings of the very last one you close. So if it was a small popup advert, it will save that screen size.


Best way is top open 1 IE window. Max it and then close it.


It should open max next time.

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Open Internet Explorer. Now open another instance of Internet Explorer so that you have two running at the same time. In the second one, right-click a link and select Open In New Window. If the new window does not start in full screen, simply resize the window by dragging the edges out to the sides of the screen. Do not use the max button.


Close the first window by selecting File, then Close. Now close the window you just made full size. But close it by holding down the Control key and selecting File, then Close. Do not release the Control key until the window is closed.


Now close the last Internet Explorer window. If you do this right, the settings will stick. You may or may not have to reboot, depending on your operating system.

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OK, are all the websites working on it.? Do all java apps work correctly? Last time I used it a lot java, flash etc didnt display correctly.



Surely that is down to developers programming for a specific browser rathen than making their applications cross browser compatible


I can't speak for java apps but I haven't had any trouble except for websites that don't follow web standard programming, which they should. I have always found Opera the most web standard browser. If it works in Opera correctly then it will more than likely work in Mozilla.


Conquerer is a fairly good browser as well but I believe it is only available under Linux, not windows.

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I like Opera, I wasn't wowed but Firefox at all.


IE does have its problems. :(


Vijay, use firefox or Opera then. If you hold shift and ctrl while pressing a link, it will open the page but keep focus on the orignal screen.


Or if you use IE7 hold ctrl and click the link and it will open the link in another tab, but keep focus on the original

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