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NZR - riddle

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Ok, there are 2 doors, one leads to heaven and the other to hell. You dont know which is which, but you have to take one of them.


In front of each door is a guardian, one always lies & the other always tells the truth, again you dont know which is which ;).


You are allowed to ask ONE guardian ONE question, any question, and he will answer.


What question would guarantee you get to heaven? ;)



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Guest Nelson MainFella
Originally posted by MikeGroves

What door would the OTHER angel tell me to go through?"






So if you chose the honest 1 - the other angel would say go through the hell one. But that wud be a lie, so go through the other 1.


If you chose the liar - the other angel would say go through the wrong one (due to lair) - so choose the other 1.


So both options would mean you choose the opposite of what was said.


I nearly got this myself - honest :( ;)

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