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DaveW no more wheel whinge:D

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yup hope you bought 19" ones like i did cos they look well nice.

mind you they are a git to keep clean . top tip buy a power wash and use cif gell thats used on bathrooms cos it cleans em good without damaging finish.(the polished finish scratches easy so don't wipe em with dirt on dry) also don't leave em dirty for too long cos they start to pitt in the corners cos they are not uk friendly, coming from japan weather. lol not trying to put u off just giving you benefit i didn't have of keeping them in good condition. cos they are the dogs bollox for looks.


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Guest TT Tim



So you've spent a fortune on rims and are now putting 2nd hand tyres on them.


Sorry m8, but there is a saying...


Posh frocks and no knickers.


Tim :D

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Guest 300z
Originally posted by MAC 1

Dave,trying to get hold of Bonfire bollocks for a price,If it's one I can't resist then my Azevs are up for sale!



I jus't can't stop spending at the mo FFS!

LOL welcome to the club, i feel like crying again lol...

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