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Ever squashed your face in your window?

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Guest Matty

Not done that but I have managed to shut my already broken hand in a car when I was closing it.............THAT really hurt!! :mad:


Could I be anymore stupid?? (Don't answer that!)


Hope your face stops throbbgin fella!



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No pete, i can honestly say ive never done that!!!!! Did anyone see you??!!!


Did the window go back down like they should, or just leave you there to hang yourself??


Sorry mate im not laughing honest!!!;)

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Yeah I was giving a mate a lift to work, he just laughed - until I started shouting :D.


The window didn't go down again, the motor just ground to a halt :mad: :rolleyes: , until I blindly found the down button. The 300zx I've heard generally has good safety features - but this isn't one of them :eek: .


Pain's going now :D , it's starting to get funny :D.


Ok you can laugh now...:D



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Guest fat tony

Getting your head jammed in the window, makes me think of the scene in Snatch. Where Vinney Jones gets Mullet's head jammed in his window and then drives off!!:eek: :D :D

Hope your head is OK though Pete.:cool:



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