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reasons not to watch the Matrix!!

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Guest Dave Marley

There are certainly some nutters out there!


I do agree with him about dropping Aaliyah though! Surely the fact that she died in a plane crash is no excuse for dropping her from the film! :rolleyes:

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Guest Eric Manktelow

Um... Reality check!


The Matrix: Reconsidered, 7


You are a hard-working single mother, making ends meet by doing time as a secretary in an office building during the day, a drug-store clerk in the evenings. You are on the office phone with the babysitter one quiet Wednesday afternoon, telling her how to calm little Dakota down, to get her to stop crying her eyes out asking why Mommy is never home, telling her that you'll be there soon, honey.


A split-second later your head is severed by a shattered helicopter rotor blade, the skull bouncing off a nearby wall, leaving a spray of arterial blood on a motivational poster. Your eyes bulge wide, your brain inside remaining alive just long enough to recognize the horror of your fate. Aviation fuel splashes in through the shattered windows and ignites, incinerating mothers, husbands, fathers, best friends.


And somewhere, a theater full of young, chubby males cheers because Trinity made it out before the crash.




What a tw*t!


He has too much time on his hands

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Guest Eric Manktelow

Actually it's quite funny.

Try reading the forums :D


The more I read, the funnier it is, and I though it was serious for a second :o ;)

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