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Compression on my car

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Well these were the results I got back from the garage who said I needed a new engine.

1 = 75lbs

2 = 175lbs

3 = 50lbs

4 = 75lbs

5 = 75lbs

6 = 125lbs

These were the results that we got ourselves (me & PaulC) today

1 = 150lbs

2 = 125lbs

3 = 100lbs

4 = 105lbs

5 = 150lbs

6 = 120lbs

Paul also ran a cylinder leakage test for me, seems like the pistons and Rings are fine, the exhaust valves are also fine, the headgaskets is also fine, the inlet valves could use replacing at a later date. So do I need a new engine :D Hell No !!!:D. Do I need a little bit of Engine Wok and some new Valves Hell Yes :D.


Still I'm well chuffed :D

Thanks for all your hard work today Paul, once again I owe you big time.

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no problemo :D


im still a little puzzled as to whats caused the inlet valves not to seat - did the flush make any difference at all??


im convinced the garage you took it to was using a random compression pressure generator :D ;)

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The engine flush didn't make too much difference as far as I can see, but the upping the idle slightly is much more comfortable now.

Random compression generator isnt that a bloke who sits in the corner going lets say ......130lbs for that one.....etc is it ???



Thanks mate, I'm glad it's not an engine out jobby, It means I may be able to buy another 300zx that I have my eye on.



That is really freaky, that is the exact same one. but we have a roof sheet on ours.


Spent most of the night doing foward flips on it !

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Well that's bloody good news Stuart,real happy for you mate;)Well done Paul also nice one.

Now I wonder how many people out there have been told they need a new engine:rolleyes: then said to the garrage ok go ahead:mad:

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Well I'm going to book it inot SE to get the work done on it.

However I can live with it for a little while longer well at least until after Billing.


Only problem is I seem to be using twice as much fuel as everone else. Half a tank got me 79 miles yesterday and I wasn't even booting it.

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