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  • Introduction

    300zx Owners Club provides an interactive forum on the internet for the club members and visitors. The club site is run by club members on a voluntary basis. One consequence of its widespread appeal is that everything published is seen by thousands of people around the world. This means we have a duty of care that the content of the forums are legal and of a good and decent nature. This is where the forum moderators provide an important role.


    What are Moderators?

    Moderators are here to monitor and if necessary edit, move, lock or delete posts in order to protect the short and long term good of the 300zx Owners Club. The Moderators are active members of the club and give up their own time on a voluntary basis to support the forum. Moderators follow a strict set of guidelines which place the interests of the 300zx Owners Club as the primary focus.

    When a post is moved, edited, locked, deleted by the Moderators it should not be regarded as a direct or personal attack on a particular individual. It will be as a result of the guidelines given below putting the 300zx Owners Club Club first, over any individuals personal ideals.


    When will a thread be edited or deleted?


    * Pornography, links to pornography or other inappropriate sites.

    * Swearing: Whilst the censored versions of swearing (e.g. s**t, etc) are usually considered OK, offensive / overuse of this may offend and may be moderated.

    * Xenophobia, racism or personal abuse

    * Incitement to a flame war within this or another social media group

    * The advertising and sale of illegal bootleg material (such as copyrighted video, music and computer software)

    * Spam or any other form of unauthorised advertising.

    * Invasion of an individual’s privacy.

    * Anything that is deemed as potentially libellous.

    * Flagrant disregard for the interests of the community (anti-community spirit)

    * Sensitive content that cannot be moved, locked edited.


    300zx Owners Club reserves the right to edit or delete any thread for legal or other reasons.


    When will a thread be locked?

    * If there are persistent abuses of the behaviour mentioned above.

    * Unacceptable behaviour (as determined by the tone of the community; e.g. making inflammatory comments, flame wars etc etc.)

    * Completely off-topic discussion

    * No part of the topic/message is salvageable by editing


    300zx Owners Club reserves the right to lock any thread for legal or other reasons.


    When will a thread be moved?

    * When the thread clearly belong in another forum

    * When the topic moves onto a subject more appropriate to another forum.

    * A thread will be moved to the Off Topic forum where it’s deemed too “silly” for other forums.


    300zx Owners Club reserves the right to move any thread for any reason


    What is "Potentially Libellous"?


    Libel is a very complicated part of the law. The general concept is that anything that cannot be proved by hard fact which could be considered damaging to a company or individual may be libellous.

    What may be considered to be potentially libellous is something where the above applies and 300zx Owners Club itself does not have the hard facts to prove without doubt that what is being said is accurate.

    Due to legal complications that 300zx Owners Club could be considered liable for libellous comments posted by users; we have to show a continued and consistent practice of due-diligence which protects us against potential legal action.

    This means deleting / editing posts containing this kind of material and taking every action reasonably possible to stop it being posted in the first place. For this reason, ANY potentially libellous content may be deleted immediately without warning or explanation.


    Commercial Posts


    Commercial posts by unsubscribed traders will be locked or removed if posted on the club site. A commercial post is defined as any post by employees or their associates that benefits either, directly or indirectly the company involved. Use of the private messaging (PM) system by unsubscribed traders is not allowed.

    Please use your common sense, and be respectful and decent to people and companies.


    Club Site Ban Policy


    The Acceptable Use Policy applies to every user of this club site and social media groups namely Facebook. Please observe the rules and guidelines when using this Forum or social media groups. Failure to abide by the policy will result in a Warning from the Moderators. Users who persist in breaking the policy will be banned from the Forum or social media group.

    Bans issued by Moderators will adhere to the following banning policy:

    Moderators may in the first instance, Issue a Warning through the Infraction System for minor AUP Infringements. A member who receives more than 3 Infractions will be subjected to the Forum Banning Policy.

    If a user is banned by a club site moderator, he/she will be issued with an initial 7 day temporary ban.

    The details of the ban will then be discussed with the full Club Committee in the Private Discussion forum.

    The Committee will decide if the ban should remain at 7 days or if it should be increased to either one month, or in exceptional circumstances, a permanent ban from the forum and/or the Club.

    This decision will be made within the 7 days of the temporary ban.

    A banned user will be notified by the Club Secretary, via email, of the Committee’s decision, regarding the length of their ban.

    A temporary ban does not result in the loss of Club membership and benefits. The Club’s Committee reserves the right to impose temporary bans of any length as it sees fit.

    A Temporary ban remains on file for a period of twelve months. After that period the record is removed. Any member who is banned a second time within the twelve month will automatically receive an initial one month ban and the details will once again be discussed by the Club Committee.

    Any member receiving 3 separate temporary bans in a twelve month period will be issued with a permanent ban from the forum and/or the Club.

    A Permanent ban will result in termination of membership of the Club and loss of benefits.

    Harassment of another user through the private messaging (PM) system will result in the enforcement of the Forum ban policy with no Warning.

    A banned user who is found to be circumventing their ban by using another user account will result in an immediate permanent ban from the Forum and termination of membership of the Club and loss of benefits.

    Directly opposing the decision of a Moderator on the Club Site will result in the immediate enforcement of the Club Site ban policy with no Warning.

    A user who has been banned from the Club Site will be notified by an email from the Moderators stating the reason for the ban.

    A user receiving a Warning or temporary ban that is felt not warranted, may appeal the decision by contacting the Club Committee via email. The appeal will be adjudicated by the full Committee; their decision will be final and will be communicated back.


    If you have questions, comments or complaints about the Acceptable Use Policy then please contact the Club Committee.


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