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Top gear reminder

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for me, Clarkson had already made his mind up before driving it. There weren't any real flaws with it so it was like a "digital camera" whereas the Alfa was an atrocius handling sportscar but thats OK because it was Italian so was meant to have "soul".


Nissan couldnt win.



Also, the challenge is complete balls. If the race was between the GTR and the bullet train then fine but have you considered WHERE THE PICTURES WERE BEING TAKEN FROM? Because I bet you it wasn't another GTR - all those camera shots of Clarkson speeding past will have been taken from a land Rover or other such fat slow jeep - i.e the GTR could only be limited by the speed of the camera car anyway otherwise what would they show on TV? Doesnt this make the whole thing pointless?

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when he was in tokyo and they were 2 hours behind and his sat nav "stopped workin" cos he pressed the wrong button, they were just trying to make it close, if all its about is havin a reliable car wi sat nav i could beat the bullet train in my astra!!! and the iplayer isnt updated so cant see the zed on there until tomorrow

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i never agree with what top gear say anyway, i just watch it cause its a laugh. i didnt see that much differance between the alfa and the new ferrari they showed but the alfa was the best they have seen and the ferrari was ugly WTF




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Awesome episode, i especially loved the bill oddie mask and the line: "How terrifying's that? He can spot your beaver from a mile away" :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


That alfa is sex on wheels, it was on my desktop background before the programme anyway but now i've heard it too, yum! :D

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