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nice little road kill, on the way home there was a brand new morgan in front of me driving all racerish on the single carriage "A" road from st erth to penzance, doing the old swerving from left to right thing to keep his tyres warm as the car in front was too slow for him, I knew when he got to the roundabout and got onto the dual carriageway he was gonna nail it , he did, so did I , off the roundabout onto the dual carriageway I went past ,nailing it up the road, after about 7 secs he just gave up as I was pulling away too rapidly for him to even compete, best thing was he was solo in his and the missus was sat in mine grabbing on for dear life:rofl:, nice heavy Z with two up killing a nice light morgan one up.....there are days i truly love this car

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