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PC: where does outlook store e-mails?

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This is one for the PC gurus on here ...


I need to locate where Outlook 2002 stores all the e-mails in the inbox and sent items (ie, normal inbox not personal folders)? Any ideas because I've looked in all the usual places and can't find anything. I've got about 25,000 e-mails (between the inbox and sent items) and I would have thought that to be a rathr sizeable file size! Allas, can't find anything.


Was hoping to periodically copy those files to my external HDD for backup purposes. I've tried going down the route of the official MS backup tool for Outlook but installation fails because of a "non-validated" copy of XP on this system ;) if you catch my drift ...


Any hits greatly appreciated!





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Delete some of Viagra emails first, that should half the size :rofl:


LOL - yes, if I were to follow up on all the Viagra, breast enlargement and penis enlargement emails I would be sitting here unable to type due to a permanent 10-foot erection and having far to much fun playing with my t*ts! :x:

It's all been sorted now - thanks for your help mate!



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