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Squeeks and rattles

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Hi there being relatively new to the club, I was after a little advice, I have enherited a TT Auto, that has been in the family for many years and has had a ton of work, new turbos, auto box, however after two years of it sitting it has been given to me, I got her started and MOT'ed and it is a lot of fun! However knowing how this car almost bankrupt my folks!!!!! I have come a across an annoying problem, the engine is making some strange noises the first sounds like a bearing/belt squeek rattle the second is a kind of metal on metal rubbing noise which you can only hear when she is idling, its continuous however when she drives its fine.


Any ideas? of what should be replaced!



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Guest snowygt

not sure about the squeek but the rattling sounds like AIV valves, take off the plastic arch covers on the front and you'll see a little black box with some pipes going into it, remove the bottom pipe and watch the water pour out, simply condensation.

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If you suspect belts then check the tension/condition of them, could be alternator bearing on its way. A good run and an oil change is good practise. Any clicking/tapping noise will most probably hydraulic lifters sticking abit, which is common especially if the cars been sat for a while. In my experience these engines dont like being sat for extensive periods of time, so some strange noises are no suprise. Its notoriously difficult to pin point certain sounds to specific areas. Like with any fault finding its a question of starting with the easy things to disregard them. One word of advice, is to make sure you keep on top of any maintenance, things that can be done easily such as oil changes, filters, electrical connectors etc..... keeping those sort of things in good shape will certainly help keep your z healthy. With this car a simple fault on a connector can ruin the way it runs and can be a headache to find. Anyway wlecome to the forum, i think you'll find here, peoples knowledge of the z second to none, so any problems you encounter post them up here, theres plenty of help on hand. Happy zeding



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Thanks so much, I am in the process of applying to be fully paid up member, unlike my previous cars (Sunny ZX, 200sx, Civic Type R, Porsche 944 turbo) this engine appears unbelivably complex! It appears you have to be double jointed to get you arms and hands in any gaps in the bay, therefore I think I will be bugging people on here a lot, hence it only seems fair to contribute towards costs of the advice that I will recieve on this site!


However what amazes me with the old girl is that she is 18 years old and and although she has had new tubs and an auto box 1000 miles ago she still pulls and is lethal! It is a shame that I am battling the rust at the moment!

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Yep, what you'll find over time, is that theres an awful lot of "unnecessaries" in the engine bay. This is only down to what i feel was over engineering from nissan, but bear in mind this car was way ahead of its time. The autobox is a weak link on these cars, most people who have autos like myself have had to have another box put in or have opted for a manual conversion which is next for me to do. These cars can be the best and the worst in the world which i guess is why so many owners get the Z-bug. If you look ih the FAQs section you'll find an engine by numbers section, this is most helpful for people who are new to these cars and gives you a quick heads up on what your looking at. As i said before any probs however insignificant you might think they are, post them up as most people are only too happy to help.


All the best dutchy

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